Boba Star App

UI/UX Design
Boba Star mobile and web-based app birthed from our personal experiences of searching for good quality boba tea.  The rating system in food apps often combines service, ambience, and other amenities that dilutes the rating of the drink itself.  As passionate boba tea drinkers, we decided to embark on a journey to create an application that specializes in drink rating to help people find and discover excellent boba tea. 
Boba Star guides users to the best rated boba tea.  The light blue color mimics the sky – of vastness and possibilities and the bright orange yellow color represents the stars – of guidance and direction.  The use of soft curves in typography and icons are inspired by the roundness of tapioca balls.
We have prototyped and tested multiple rating systems with over 100 boba tea drinkers and boba tea shop owners.  After numerous iterations and feedback, our beta test will be launched in early 2020.