Environmental Design


Arcadyan is a wireless technology company.  They commissioned architect Chris Yao to design their new headquarter.  The architecture has a distinct form of 3-axes that pierce through the building.
We proposed the concept of “Urban Arcadia” that combines modernity (the architecture) and idyllic natural environment (Arcadyan is inspired by “Arcadia”, a mountainous utopia).  
One of the company’s mission is to create a balanced work-play environment for its employees.  So for each axis, we designated them as entertainment and health promoting areas.  For the Y-axis, the longest axis, we proposed a “Central Park” where people can gather and connect.  For the X-axis, it is a multi-use exercise area where the gym and exercise classes are held.  And for the Z-axis, which runs from ground floor to the 9th floor, we proposed a vertical climbing wall.